A Unison or 2-Part Musical for the Birds
By Andy Beck and Laura Groves / orch. Tim Hayden
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UPC: 038081427133
ISBN 10: 0739090941
ISBN 13: 9780739090947
PRICE: $69.99
Category: Musicals and Programs
Format: Book & CD (Book is 100% Reproducible)
Instrument: Choir
Level: Grades 2--7
Version: CD Kit
Four little birds consider what life is like "out there" beyond their nest as several feathered friends plus a troupe of Squirrel Scouts stop by to offer conflicting words (and songs) of advice. Finally, a wise old Owl explains that "life is what you make it to be" and a high-flying Eagle offers a pep talk that inspires the birds to spread their wings and soar! Super cute with a great growing-up message. Approximately 40 minutes. Recommended for grades 2-7. Products available: Teacher's Handbook (includes Reproducibles), Enhanced SoundTrax CD (Accompaniment/Performance tracks plus reproducible PDF files of Student Pages & Cover Art), or price-saving Book & CD Kit. Please visit alfred.com/tweet to view free instructional choreography videos.

Titles: Tweet! * Singing Practice * I Wonder What It's Like * The World Is Cuckoo! * Scary Things * Be Prepared! * Song of the Dove * The Woodpecker Rap * Life Is What You Make It To Be * The Eagle's Song.
Tweet! (Momma, Little Birds, and Chorus)
Singing Practice (Little Birds and Chorus)
I Wonder What It's Like (Little Birds and Chorus)
The World Is Cuckoo! (Clem, Cuckettes, and Chorus)
Scary Things (Hannah, Hummingbirds, and Chorus)
Be Prepared! (Squiggy, Squirrel Scouts, and Chorus)
Song of the Dove (Dorie the Dove and Chorus)
The Woodpecker Rap (Wendell Woodpecker, Little Birds and Chorus)
Life Is What You Make It to Be (Oliver Owl, Little Birds, and Chorus)
The Eagle's Song (Emerson Eagle, Little Birds, and Chorus)
Finale (Momma, Little Birds, and Chorus)
Bows (Full Cast)