Tune Buddies™: The Strings
Item: 00-0021D
UPC: 723188000210
ISBN 10: 0757906559
ISBN 13: 9780757906558
PRICE: $9.95
Category: Music Appreciation DVD
Format: miniDVD
It's the first LIVE ACTION series to take children worldwide on a magical, musical voyage introducing them to the instruments that make the music. Tune Buddies is the perfect introduction to a child's lifelong musical journey. This award-winning program now available on miniDVD is compatible with all standard set-top DVD video devices. It features kid-friendly interactive menus, superior audio and video quality, and random access screen selection.

Little ones will go undercover with our crack detective in The Strings. Discover the key instruments of the string family as they search high and low for the missing violin string!