The Total Beginning Guitarist
A Fun and Comprehensive Beginning Method Featuring Rock, Blues, and Jazz Styles
By Rich Hinman and Amanda Monaco
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Series: The Total Guitarist
Category: Guitar Method or Supplement
Format: Book & CD
Instrument: Guitar
The Total Beginning Guitarist teaches everything a novice needs to know to start playing rock, jazz, and blues guitar right away. Even the music lover who has never held a guitar will be playing easy chords and songs immediately. This user-friendly method covers subjects ranging from chord strumming and fingerstyle to basic lead guitar and improvisation. The warm and encouraging style of the authors will motivate even the most casual hobbyist. With a variety of musical styles and a comprehensive, engaging, and thorough approach to learning the guitar, this book & CD kit provides everything a new guitarist will need to begin a fun and fulfilling musical journey.
Pickup Notes
Riffin' on the 5th
St. Louis Blues
Your Next Two Chords: CMaj7 and Amin7
CMaj7-Amin7-Dmin-G7 (or, How to Play 80% of All Jazz Tunes)
Soulful Heart
Eighth Strums
Bass Is the Place
Two New Chords: A7 and E7
Accidental Exercise
The New Blues
Basic Rhythm and Strumming
Quarter Strums Review
12-Tone Tune
Enharmonic Equivalents
Notes on the 6th String
Minor Blues
A Minor Song
Minor Blues
Reading Tablature
Basic Music Theory
The Musical Alphabet
Half and Whole Steps
Enharmonic Equivalents
More on the Major Scale
How Chords Are Built
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
I've Been Working on the Railroad
Yankee Doodle
The Musical Alphabet on the Guitar
Rock Riff 2
Power Chords and the Blues
Simple Shuffle
Swamp Thing
Basic Lead Guitar
The Minor Pentatonic Scale
Bass-Strum Blues
Song of Major
The ii-V-I Progression
Notes on the 1st String
Allow It to Happen
Variations on the 12-Bar Blues
Country Blues
The Bass-Strum Pattern
Dotted Quarter Notes
Ooh La La
The Major Scale and Its Use in Improvisation
C Major Scale Etude
Power Chords
Power Chord Exercise
A New 12-Bar Blues
Rock Blues
Simple Riff
More Power Chords
Root-6 Power Chords
Rock Riffs
Rock Riff 1
Root-5 Power Chords
A Word About Improvisation
A Minor Pentatonic Solo
Swing Blues
Minor Chords and a New Strum
On the Way to Heaven
Combining Quarter and Eighth Strums
Improvising on the 1st and 2nd Strings
A One and-a Two and-a
Improvising on the 3rd and 4th Strings
Song for Ewe
Strumming Eighths on A
Riff Rock
In Shallow Water
The Big Switch
Freddie's Bounce
The C Chord and a New Rock Song
Up the Road
Eighth Rests
Five, Six, Seven, Eight
Dotted Half Notes
Swing Eighths
Improvising a Solo
More Chords and Chord Progressions
E String Jam
Reading Standard Music Notation
Rhythm in Standard Notation
Chord Theory
Major and Minor Triads
Diminished and Augmented Triads
Buying a Guitar
Parts of the Guitar
Open Hands
High Lonesome
Notes on the 3rd String
Four, No More
7 Chords
Holding the Guitar
Two Positions for Playing the Guitar
Left-Hand Technique
Right-Hand Technique
Extended Chords
Chord Encyclopedia
Guitar Fretboard Chart
Rest Easy
Eighth Notes
3rd String Exercise
Tuning the Guitar
An Introduction to Rock Playing
I, IV, V---The Primary Chords
Eighth-Note Rock
Notes on the 4th String
String Names and Numbers
Methods of Tuning
First Chords and First Songs
Time Signatures, Measures, and Beats
Along the Road
The 12-Bar Blues
12-Bar Blues
Two New Chords and Another 12-Bar Blues
Another Three-Chord Tune
Blues Solo
Notes on the 5th String
Song for Fonzie
Song for Whole and Half
12-Bar Blues in A
The I-vi-ii-V Progression
The iii-vi-ii-V Progression
Soloing Over a 12-Bar Blues---Revisited
A Minor Blues Too
Quarter Notes
1st String Exercise---No. 1
1st String Exercise---No. 2
Whole Notes
Whole Rests
The Whole Truth
...And Nothing But
Notes on the 2nd String
Half Notes
Sunday Picnic
Scarborough Fair---Melody
Scarborough Fair---Fingerstyle Accompaniment
Moveable Chords
Quarter Rests
Barre Chords
I've Been Told
I've Been Told Some More
Half Rests
Two-Step Shuffle
The E-Form Barres
The A-Form Barres
Lessons Learned
Reading Chords
About the Authors
Shave and a Haircut
Improvising on the 5th and 6th Strings
E Minor Strum