The Serious Guitarist: Right-Hand Picking
A Technique-Building Approach for the Dedicated Guitarist
By Mark Burgess
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ISBN 10: 0739095471
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Series: The Serious Guitarist
Category: Guitar Method or Supplement
Format: Book & CD
Instrument: Guitar
When it comes to right-hand picking technique, serious guitarists have waited patiently for a comprehensive book to address these specialized skills. Until now, rock, blues, and jazz players have not had a book devoted entirely to right-hand picking. The Serious Guitarist: Right Hand Picking fills this gap with a unique, dedicated approach to pick playing that you've always been looking for. You'll learn the most efficient way to hold and use a pick, and discover ways to increase efficiency when moving from string to string. Lessons are organized by the number of strings---beginning on a single string, then progressing to two-string exercises, then three, all the way up to six strings. The featured exercises have been thoughtfully developed into musical ideas and licks to give a clear example of how you can incorporate the exercises into your own playing. This way, you will be playing music, not just exercises. Right Hand Picking provides the tools you need to become a better guitar player, but more importantly, it will help you become a better musician. The included companion CD features demonstrations of the examples in the book.
History of the Pick
Holding the Pick
Arm and Hand Position
Using a Metronome
Economy of Motion
One-String Exercises
Rhythmic Variations to Help Anticipate Any Motion
About the Make It Musical Exercises
Make It Musical on One String
Two-String Exercises
Make It Musical on Two Strings
Three-String Exercises
Make It Musical on Three Strings
Four-String Exercises
Make It Musical on Four Strings
Five-String Exercises
Make It Musical on Five Strings
Six-String Exercises
Make It Musical on Six Strings
String-Skipping Exercises
Make It Musical While String Skipping
Musical Pieces
Final Thoughts