The Jazz Waltz
By Andy Ziker
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ISBN 10: 0739096389
ISBN 13: 9780739096383
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Category: Percussion - Drum Set Method or Collection
Format: Book & CD
Instrument: Drum Set
The Jazz Waltz is not only meant for professional drummers looking to improve their craft, but for up-and-coming jazzers, band directors, and additional rhythm section members (bass players, keyboardists, etc.) as well. Playing in 3/4 time is a microcosm of all jazz drumming, so once you’ve learned the material in this book, you will notice an immediate improvement in your overall playing. It might even help you land that coveted gig.
Foreword by John Riley
CD Track Listing
Drumset Notation Key
In 3
A Rudimental Approach
9/8 Afro-Cuban
Broken Time/3-Voice Comping
World Drumming in 6
Quarter-Note Triplets
Brush Playing by Florian Alexandru-Zorn
Open Hi-Hat
Metric Modulations/Polyrhythms
Soloing in 3/4
Solo Foot Ostinatos
In 6
Solo Elements
Great Waltzes
About the Author
Sound Effects and Accenting
In 1