The 2-in-1 Drummer
Combining Drumset with Hand Percussion to Create a Bigger Beat
By Walfredo Reyes, Sr. and Elliot Fine with David Stanoch and Mark Powers
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Category: Percussion - Drumset Method or Collection
Format: Book & DVD
Instrument: Drumset
The 2-in-1 Drummer is a fun, challenging collaboration between Cuban drumming legend Walfredo Reyes, Sr., Elliot Fine, co-author of the extraordinarily influential drumset method 4-Way Coordination, David Stanoch, and Mark Powers. By combining standard drumset rhythms with established percussion rhythms for a single player, this inspiring book/DVD study will teach you how to create a "bigger beat" in a wide variety of popular musical styles. Hence, The 2-in-1 Drummer!
From the Authors
CHAPTER 1: Conga Strokes and Tumbáo
Heel (H)
Toe (T)
Open (O)
Slap (S)
CHAPTER 2: Cymbal Ostinatos and Backbeats
CHAPTER 3: Bass Drum Warm-Ups
CHAPTER 4: Eighth- and Sixteenth-Note Grooves
4a. Eighth Notes on the Ride Cymbal
4b. Quarter Notes on the Ride Cymbal
4c. Offbeat Eighth Notes on the Ride Cymbal
4d. Gallop on the Ride Cymbal
CHAPTER 5: Left Foot Hi-Hat Ostinatos
CHAPTER 6: Tumbáo and Guaguancó
CHAPTER 7: Combining Cáscara and Clave
CHAPTER 8: Triplet and 6/8 Grooves
CHAPTER 9: 12/8 on the Ride Cymbal
CHAPTER 10: 12/8 Bass Drum Warm-Ups
CHAPTER 11: Shuffle and Swing Grooves
11a. Shuffle on the Ride Cymbal
11b. Swinging on the Ride Cymbal
CHAPTER 12: Quarter Notes on the Ride Cymbal
CHAPTER 13: 6/8 Bell and Clave Grooves