Technic Tricks, Book 2
By John W. Schaum
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ISBN 10: 0769237819
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Series: Schaum Method Supplement
Category: Piano - Schaum Method Supplement
Format: Book
Instrument: Piano
TECHNIC TRICKS are sets of easy etudes designed to satisfy the need for very early technical training. Most piano technic books begin at the grade-two level, or at an even more advanced stage. There is a distinct lack of usable technic in the grade-one classification. The books, TECHNIC TRICKS, have been planned to fulfill this requirement. Every study in Book 2 is written in the five-finger position. This plan offers an excellent means of building a graceful hand and arm position, and also of developing independent finger action. In addition, splendid opportunity for transposition is supplied. The exercises are derived in part from the works of Biehl, Czerny, Gurlitt, Schmitt, Kohler, Kunz, and Berens. All technical points have been equally distributed between the right and the left hands. This equalizing of the hands assures a balanced technic.