Teaching Music Through Art
By Valeaira Luppens and Greg Foreman
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Format: Book & CD
Level: Grades 2--6
By increasing critical and higher-level thinking skills, Teaching Music Through Art will help your students meet the National Standards for Music Education as they compare and contrast musical concepts and famous works with their counterparts in the art world. Reproducible student pages are included, making lessons a snap to prepare and allowing for easy assessment. The CD contains listening examples of works by great Classical composers to support and reinforce the lesson content. Recommended for grades two through six.
Vocabulary Music vs. Art
Artistic Musician Certificate
Vocabulary: Music vs. Art/Art Connection
Music History Overview
Music History: Museum Curator
Music History: Calligraphy Art Connection
The Overture to The Flying Dutchman
The Tale of the Flying Dutchman
The Flying Dutchman Art Connection
The Jazzy, Snazzy Snowflake
The Jazzy, Snazzy Snowflake Art Connection
Pianoforte: Origami Art Connection
Piano Gigs
Dear Diary
Piano Gigs Art Connection
Gioachino Rossini
Tarantella Art Connection
Instrument Families
Instrument Families: Palette Art Connection
Instrument Families: Audubon
Little Boy Blue
Little Boy Blue Art Connection
Which Is Which?
Pictures at an Exhibition
Pictures at an Exhibition Art Connection
Frère Jacques
Frère Jacques Art Connection
I Know a Secret!
I Know a Secret! Art Connection
Red River Valley
Red River Valley Art Connection
Expression Bingo
Expressive Perspective Art Connection
Silly Solfège
Silly Solfège: Art Connection
Rhythm Review
Composition () Art Connection
Rhythm: Pointillism Art Connection
Sakura Art Connection
Form: Mural Art Connection
Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty Art Connection
Émile Waldteufel
Émile Waldteufel Fact Sheet
Émile Waldteufel Art Connection
About the Authors
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