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Alfred's Teach Your Child to Play Guitar, Book 1
The Easiest Guitar Method Ever!
By Ron Manus, L.C. Harnsberger, and Nathaniel Gunod
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ISBN 10: 0739095412
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Series: Teach Your Child
Category: Guitar Method or Supplement
Format: Book & CD
Instrument: Guitar
Alfred's Teach Your Child to Play Guitar is designed for parents who want to share the gift of music with their children before they begin formal study with a professional teacher. It is based on Alfred's Kid's Guitar Course, a fun method that teaches students to play pieces on the guitar right away. Families who are part of the homeschool movement especially will find the book useful.

Using the same music and fundamentals included in the original edition, an easy and user-friendly Parent Guide precedes each student page to aid with teaching the music to the child. The guide suggests steps for introducing the concept or page to the student, follow-up practice suggestions, and suggestions for reviewing the page in subsequent lessons.

The enclosed CD contains a recording of every piece in the book. Listening or playing along with the recording is fun, but more importantly, it reinforces musical concepts such as rhythm, dynamics, and phrasing. Using this book and CD, any parent can teach their child guitar basics effectively.
The Note E with Chords
The Notes E and F with Chords
How to Read Chord Diagrams
Brave in the Cave
Getting Acquainted with Music Notation
The Three-String C Chord
My First Chord
The Quarter Rest
Three Blind Mice
More Time to Strum
Using Your Left Hand
Hand Position
Placing a Finger on a String
Review: Music Matching Games
Certificate of Completion
Frequently Asked Questions
Time to Strum!
Strumming Notation
The Staff and Treble Clef
A Is Easy!
Taking a Walk
Aura Lee
The Three-String D7 Chord
The Three-String G7 Chord
Tuning without the CDs
How to Hold Your Guitar
Strumming the Strings
Strumming with a Pick
Notes on the Third String: Introducing G
Three Open Strings
Little Steps and Big Leaps
Strumming with Your Fingers
Notes on the Third String: Introducing A
The Three-String G Chord
My Third Chord
Three Chords in One Song
The Repeat Sign
Merrily We Roll Along
Love Somebody
My Fourth Chord
Using D7 with Other Chords
When the Saints Go Marching In
Yankee Doodle
The Staff
The Music Alphabet
Single Notes, Then Chord! Chord! Chord!
Pumpkin Song
Notes on the Second String: Introducing B
Two Open Strings
Steel Strings and Nylon Strings
Bar Lines, Measures, and Time Signatures
She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain
Acoustic Guitars and Electric Guitars
Caring for Your Guitar
Tuning Your Guitar
The Half Note
Ode to Joy
Jingle Bells
Rain Comes Down
Notes on the First String: Introducing G
The Mountain Climber
The Notes E, F, and G with Chords
Skip to My Lou
My Second Chord
Troubadour Song
Tuning with the CDs
Mary Had a Little Lamb
Clap and Count out Loud
Notes on the First String: Introducing E
Elizabeth, the Elephant
Note and Strum
Notes on the First String: Introducing F
London Bridge
Two-String Melody
Jumping Around
Notes on the Second String: Introducing C
Ping Pong Song
Soccer Game
Selecting Your Guitar
The Half Rest
When I Feel Best
Notes on the Second String: Introducing D