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Stories of Faith & Inspiration
25 Lessons I Learned from My Piano Students
By Bernadine Johnson
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These relatable stories and anecdotes, written by veteran piano teacher Bernadine Johnson, are filled with inspirational messages for piano teachers everywhere. The stories are rich with Biblical references and quotes from Scripture, paralleling the lessons the author has learned from her students with lessons learned in the Bible.
Too Close for Comfort
Learning from Rachmaninoff
Mysterious Things
The Sound of Forgiveness
Piano Man
Fashion Statement
Cecilia and Elise
Silver Spoons
Comic Relief
The Bow
A Recognizable Tune
The Spin Cycle
The Urtext Life
Teacher Bait
The Hard Stuff
The Right Fit
Love Notes
Out of the Mouth of a Babe
O Come, All Ye Faithful
An Ordinary Kleenex
Da Capo al Fine
The Right Words