Sound Innovations for String Orchestra: Sound Development (Advanced)
Warm-up Exercises for Tone and Technique for Advanced String Orchestra
By Bob Phillips and Kirk Moss
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ISBN 10: 0739097016
ISBN 13: 9780739097014
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Series: Sound Innovations Series for Strings
Category: String Orchestra Method/Supplement
Format: Book
Instrument: Viola
Instrumentation: Viola
Version: Viola
Sound Innovations: Sound Development for Advanced String Orchestra continues the emphasis on playing with a characteristic, beautiful sound, but also focuses on 3-octave scales, particularly scales that students will need for regional auditions and all-states. Advanced technical skills are presented in four levels, consistent with the revolutionary Sound Innovations structure: (1) Sound Tone, (2) Sound Bowing, (3) Sound Shifting, and (4) Sound Scales and Arpeggios. The levels can be used in the order that is best for your students, as individual warm-ups, or as structured units. The perfect book to follow Sound Development for Intermediate String Orchestra, or for any advanced string ensemble or individual learner, your students will further refine the proper use of the bow, bow strokes, shifting, and 3-octave scales.
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A Major
A Melodic Minor
B-flat Major
Melodic Minor
Playing in 1/2 and 2nd Position: Using Pattern 3
Playing in 1st to 7th Position: Using Pattern 3
Level 4: Sound Scales and Arpeggios
C Major
D Melodic Minor
Level 1: Sound Tone
Bowing Lanes
Bowing Weight
Bow Speed
Level 2: Sound Bowings
Double Stops
Playing in 6th and 7th Position: Using Pattern 3
Hooked, Portato, Ricochet and Col legno Bowings
Fingering Chart
Level 3: Sound Shifting
G Melodic Minor
A-flat Major
B-flat Melodic Minor
B Major
B Melodic Minor
Tenor Clef, Treble Clef, 8va and Thumb Position
Playing in 3rd Position: Using Patterns 1 and 2
Playing in 3rd Position: Using Patterns 3 and 4
Playing in 4th and 5th Position: Using Pattern 3
E-flat Major
E-flat Melodic Minor
E Major
F Major
F Melodic Minor
F-sharp Major
F-sharp Melodic Minor
D-flat Major
C-sharp Minor
D Major
Double Stops and Chords
G Major
C Melodic Minor
E Melodic Minor