Sing at First Sight, Level 2
Foundations in Choral Sight-Singing
By Andy Beck, Karen Farnum Surmani, and Brian Lewis
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ISBN 10: 0739061453
ISBN 13: 9780739061459
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Category: Sight-Singing Method
Format: Comb Bound Book & CD
Instrument: Choir
Version: Reproducible Companion CD Kit
The Reproducible Companion/CD kit for the second level of Alfred’s popular sight-singing curriculum is now available! This sequential sight-singing text introduces new music reading concepts using both rhythmic and pitch exercises, plus actual excerpts from real choral music. The new Reproducible Companion/CD offers additional exercises, activities, and assessments, plus a CD with accompaniments and ear training lessons. The comb binding creates a lay-flat book that is perfect for study and performance. This title is available in SmartMusic.
A Minor
D Minor
E Minor
Half and Whole Steps
Natural Minor Scale
Singing in Minor: La, Ti, Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, High La, Fi, Si
G Minor
B Minor
C Minor
Four-Part Harmony
Harmonic Minor Scale
Di, Ri, Li, Te
F Minor
F Minor
C Minor
5/4 Time
Quarter Note Triplet
Melodic Minor Scale
Le, Se, Me, Ra
B Minor
G Minor
E-flat Minor
12/8 Time
Sixteenth/Eighth Note Patterns
Chromatic Scale
Major and Minor 2nds
Major and Minor 3rds
4ths and 5ths (Perfect, Augmented, and Diminished)
Major and Minor 6ths and 7ths
Curwen Hand Signs
Minor Key Signatures
Major, Minor, and Chromatic Scales
Sixteenth/Eighth Note Patterns