Sing at First Sight, Level 2
Foundations in Choral Sight-Singing
By Andy Beck, Karen Farnum Surmani, and Brian Lewis
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Category: Sight-Singing Collection
Format: Book
Instrument: Choir
Version: Textbook
Sing at First Sight is a sequential sight-singing curriculum for all choirs! This Level 2 book opens with a comprehensive Rhythm Review and Pitch Practice reinforcing the concepts studied in Sing at First Sight, Level 1. Each of the four units that follow features a helpful Getting Ready page, progressive Rhythm Readiness exercises, and thorough music-reading Lessons with practice Exercises, useful Hints, and motivating Challenge Exercises. Unit summary and assessment is easily achieved with choral excerpts from Alfred’s Choral Designs series, fun-filled Review games, and Evaluating Your Performance questions. Plus, Alfred has included a full-length Performance Piece to measure and celebrate your choir’s sight-singing progress, and then perform in concert. Includes:
* Singing in Minor
* Chromatics
* 2-Part, 3-Part, and 4-Part Harmony
* Major and Minor Intervals
* Changing Meter
* Sixteenth-Note Patterns This title is available in SmartMusic.
Major and Minor 6ths and 7ths
Curwen Hand Signs
Minor Key Signatures
Major, Minor, and Chromatic Scales
Sixteenth/Eighth Note Patterns
F Minor
F Minor
5/4 Time
Quarter Note Triplet
Melodic Minor Scale
Le, Se, Me, Ra
B Minor
G Minor
E-flat Minor
12/8 Time
Sixteenth/Eighth Note Patterns
Chromatic Scale
Major and Minor 2nds
Major and Minor 3rds
4ths and 5ths (Perfect, Augmented, and Diminished)
C Minor
Harmonic Minor Scale
G Minor
B Minor
C Minor
Four-Part Harmony
A Minor
D Minor
E Minor
Half and Whole Steps
Natural Minor Scale
Singing in Minor: La, Ti, Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, High La, Fi, Si
Di, Ri, Li, Te