Si Njay Njay Njay
Arr. Alexander L'Estrange
Item: 12-0571538096
UPC: 9780571538096
ISBN 10: 0571538096
ISBN 13: 9780571538096
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Series: Faber Choral Singles
Category: Choral Octavo
Format: Choral Octavo
Instrument: Choir
Instrumentation: with Piano
Level: Elementary
Voicing: SAB
A joyful, exuberant song with an infectious rhythm, Si Njay Njay Njay is easy to learn, as it builds up gradually from just the men, and then men and altos, to all three parts. The second-verse notes are the same, but watch out for the changes of rhythm on "Woh mama bagu . . ." and "babay thanda zah" ("thanda" is pronounced with a hard "t"). The optional percussion adds a great deal to this number and, when you are more confident with the notes, you can also sing it completely a cappella -- just set the percussion groove going and start singing!