Shredding Death Metal Guitar
Extreme Technique Meets Metal Guitar
By Jared Meeker
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Instrument: Guitar
Nothing is heavier or more formidable than death metal guitar. Tap into the depth and power of this extreme style with master shredder Jared Meeker as he explores all the insane techniques and concepts essential to this unique style that include picking and legato, palm muting, bending, tapping, pick harmonics, string crossing, and odd time signatures. Shredding Death Metal Guitar covers a variety of death metal genres (including classic, melodic, and progressive death metal), and features extensive riff and soloing sections with examples in the styles of bands like Death, Opeth, Meshuggah, Children of Bodom, In Flames, and more! A must-have for any serious shredder, Shredding Death Metal Guitar unleashes the mysterious power of death metal and will take your playing to new levels! The accompanying CD features all the examples from the book.

About the Author

Jared "Spiderfingers" Meeker is a multifaceted guitarist with experience in a variety of musical styles. An endorser of Line 6, Propellerhead Software, Pigtronix, Mesa Engineering, and Spalt Instruments, Jared is an accomplished and innovative composer, producer, and musician who has performed with legendary artists like Carlos Santana and John Petrucci of Dream Theater. Jared's original music has appeared in television shows on MTV, VH1, Showtime, CBS, NBC, and TNT, and in the movies Sunken City and Sundance award-winning Fuel.
Inversions and Suspensions
Part 2: Death Metal Riffs
Classic Death Metal
Riffs at 100bpm
Picking Technique
Alternate Picking
Tremolo Picking
Riffs at 180bpm
Melodic Death Metal
Riffs at 95bpm
Riffs at 130bpm in Drop D Tuning
Riffs at 140bpm
Part 1: Death Metal Toolbox
Odd Meter
Outside Chords
Part 3: Death Metal Soloing
Natural Minor Modal Fingerings
Harmonic Minor Modal Fingerings
Diminished Scale Fingerings
Tapping and Bending
Arpeggios in Natural Minor Keys
Arpeggios in Harmonic Minor Keys
More with Arpeggios
Arpeggios in Major Keys
Sweep Picking
Economy Picking
Cross Picking
Legato Technique
Riffs at 155bpm
Progressive Death Metal
Riffs at 90bpm
Riffs at 130bpm
Riffs at 160bpm
About the Author
Timing and Rhythmic Notation
Time Signatures
Simple Meter
Compound Meter
Palm Muting
Left-Hand Damping
Pick Harmonics and Bending
Single-String Picking Rhythms
String-Crossing Rhythms
Diatonic Arpeggios
Basic Tapping Technique
Tap Slides
Multiple-Finger Tapping
Tapping with String Leaps