'Round the Seasons!
By Elizabeth Gilpatrick
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Format: Book
Level: Grades K--5
40 new rounds, partner songs, and short songs for every holiday and season. 'Round the Seasons is a delightful resource ideal for developing the beginning part-singing with your young singers. Great for warm-ups too!
'Round the Seasons
A Birthday Song
A New Year's Call
A Sledding Song
A Turkey Knocked at My Back Door
Blue, White, and Red
Boxing Day
Burn Little Candle
Care for the Earth
Cinco de Mayo
December Winds
Easter Alleluia
Feliz Navidad
Groundhog Day Has Come
Hurry Santa
I Have Lost My Jingle Bell
I Hear an Owl
I Met an April Fool
I Only Fly at Night
If You Haven't Got a Fiddle
Keep the Dream Alive
My Valentine Is You!
Nine Little Candles
Old Abe Lincoln
Old Autumn Wind
On New Year's Day
Plant a Tiny Acorn
School's Out
Song of the Seasons
Spring Ahead, Fall Behind
Thanks We Give
The First Signs of Spring
The First Snow
The Right Man for the Job
The Very First Day of School
The Very First Day of School (Reprise)
Thirty Days Hath September
We Will Remember
Welcome to This House
When Planting Gardens