Rodeo Rag
By Melody Bober
Item: 00-37594
UPC: 038081422084
ISBN 10: 0739081462
ISBN 13: 9780739081464
PRICE: $3.50
Series: Signature Series
Category: Piano Solo
Format: Sheet
Instrument: Piano
Level: Late Elementary
Beginning students can experience the fun of ragtime with this delightful solo written in G major and 4/4 meter. The left hand contains an accessible accompaniment that keeps all of the intervals within the range of a fifth and moves between C major, G major, and D minor 5-finger patterns. The single-line melody is syncopated and occasionally harmonized with intervals and triads in the right hand. It is then repeated in the left hand.

"This piece is a great supplemental work full of energy and spunk!"
-Jean Ritter, Progressions Magazine