Ready, Set, Rhythm!
Sequential Lessons to Develop Rhythmic Reading
By Melody Easter-Clutter and Anna Wentlent
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This innovative curriculum introduces the elements of rhythmic notation through movement-based class activities. Designed to be seamlessly integrated into your music class or ensemble rehearsal, each 10-minute kinesthetic exercise is presented in lesson plan format with National Standards, teacher instructions, and notated rhythmic concepts. Features 80 lessons divided into eight progressive units, each concluding with a reproducible student assessment. The activities are so much fun that your students will hardly notice how much they're learning! Recommended for grades 4--9.
Unit 1: Whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, eighth notes, downbeat
Unit 2: Tempo, half rests, quarter rests
Unit 3: Dotted whole notes, dotted half notes, bar lines, time signatures
Unit 4: Dotted quarter notes, whole rests, repeat signs
Unit 5: Sixteenth notes, dictation
Unit 6: Sixteenth-note figures, dotted eighth notes
Unit 7: Ties, meter, 2/2, 2/4, 3/4
Unit 8: 6/8, cumulative review
Reproducible Assessments
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