Premier Piano Course, Technique 6
By Dennis Alexander, Gayle Kowalchyk, E. L. Lancaster, Victoria McArthur, and Martha Mier
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ISBN 10: 073907072X
ISBN 13: 9780739070727
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Series: Premier Piano Course
Category: Piano - Alfred's Premier Piano Course
Format: Book
Instrument: Piano
Level: Level 6
Technique 6 continues and expands on the technical and artistic tools learned in Technique books 1A--5. Four new Technique Tools clearly present technical goals through appealing and descriptive exercises. Artistic Etudes showcase a student's technique in an expressive musical setting and Masterwork Etudes provide training to play standard masterworks. Each page in the Technique book correlates with a specific page in the Lesson book.

Technique Tools: Slur Gestures * Voicing the Melody * The Soft Pedal---Una Corda * Trills.
A Note to Teachers
Technique Tools Review
Technique Tool 1 (Slur Gestures)
Artistic Etude 1 (Form and Expression)
Playing Diminished Triads
Building Scale Velocity in B Minor
Masterwork Etude 1
Building Scale Velocity in Eb Major
Hands-Together Workshop 1
The Primary Chords in Eb Major
Hands-Together Workshop 2
Masterwork Etude 2
Building Scale Velocity in C Minor
Hands-Together Workshop 3
The Primary Chords in C Minor
Two-Octave Minor Arpeggios Beginning on White Keys
Technique Tool 2 (Voicing the Melody)
Masterwork Etude 3
Artistic Etude 2 (Changing Meters)
Technique Tool 3 (Building Scale Velocity in Flat Keys)
The Primary Chords in Ab, Db, and Gb Major
Artistic Etude 3 (The Soft Pedal--Una Corda)
Diatonic Triads and Inversions
Technique Tool 4 (Trills)
Masterwork Etude 4
Playing Root Position V7 Chords
Technique Tools Review
Masterwork Etude 5
Ending with Flair
Masterwork Etude 6
Music Time Traveler
Artistic Etude 4 (What Makes It Swing?)
Hanon Variations
Technique Tools Review
Masterwork Etude 7
Technique Tools Review