Pentascale Pro, Book 2
An Introduction to Major and Minor 5-Finger Patterns
By Melody Bober, Gayle Kowalchyk, and E. L. Lancaster
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ISBN 10: 0739057766
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Series: Lesson Enhancement Series
Category: Piano Technique
Format: Book
Instrument: Piano
Level: Late Elementary
These first books in Alfred’s Lesson Enhancement Series introduce students to all major and minor five finger patterns in all 12 keys. The pentascales are divided into similar groups to promote ease in learning. Book 1 includes the Group 1 Keys (C, G, F major and minor) and the Group 2 Keys (D, A, E major and minor). Book 2 includes the Group 3 Keys (D-flat, A-flat, E-flat major and minor) and the Group 4 Keys (B-flat, B, G-flat or F-sharp major and minor). In each book, technical exercises are provided in each key with an interesting teacher accompaniment. A short solo is included for each key, in addition to an optional teacher duet accompaniment. Two or three of these solos can be grouped together for variety in performance.
Pentascale Basics Review
Group 3 Major Pentascales and Chords (D-flat, A-flat and E-flat)
Group 3 Minor Pentascales and Chords (C-sharp, G-sharp and E-flat)
D-flat Major and C-sharp Minor
A-flat Major and G-sharp Minor
E-flat Major and Minor
Group 4 Major Pentascales and Chords (B-flat, B and G-flat)
Group 4 Minor Pentascales and Chords (B-flat, B and F-sharp)
B-flat Major and Minor
B Major and Minor
G-flat Major and F-sharp Minor
Pentascale Review