Oh Shenandoah
Arr. Alexander L'Estrange
Item: 12-0571538045
UPC: 9780571538041
ISBN 10: 0571538045
ISBN 13: 9780571538041
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Series: Faber Choral Singles
Category: Choral Octavo
Format: Choral Octavo
Instrument: Choir
Instrumentation: with Piano
Level: Elementary
Voicing: SAB
Oh Shenandoah dates back to the early nineteenth century, with possible origins in Virginia. Sometimes referred to as a "shanty" song because of its refrain ("away, you rolling river," etc.), its lyrics exist in many versions and can be seen as a paean either to the river itself, or perhaps to the (mythical?) daughter of an Indian chief of that name. Regardless of its origins, Oh Shenandoah has become an enduring favourite in the USA and abroad.

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