Music Quilt Squares
A Patchwork of Music Activities and Games for Classroom and Studio Fun!
By Beth Wheeler
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ISBN 10: 0739099205
ISBN 13: 9780739099209
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Category: General Music and Classroom Publications
Format: Book & Data CD
Level: Grades K & up
Music Quilt Squares is a delightful publication that compiles a range of music activities, including games on theory, identifying notes and fingerings on the piano and recorder, instrument families, and more! Clever, educational, 100% reproducible, and fantastic fun for everyone, this book is a must for your music classroom.
Recommended for students in grades kindergarten and up, Music Quilt Squares may be used as a supplement to a topic or unit, an extra credit exercise, or a homework assignment. A data CD is included that contains PDF files of each page. Music Quilt Squares is perfect for substitute teachers, the private studio, or even as a daily classroom activity!
A Note for the Teacher
Instructional Strategies
Quilts About Rhythm
Running Rhythms
Needling Math
Quilts About Pitch
Intervals & Patterns
Stitch 'n' Pitch
Keyboard Corners
Quilts & Keys
Quilts About Recorder Fingerings
Recorders on Point
Quilts About Instruments
A Block of Instruments
Quilts about Musical Elements and Styles
A Patchwork of Dynamics
A Patchwork of Styles
A Patchwork of History
Teacher Template
Music Review
Classifying Instruments
National Standards for Music Education Poster
Note Tree Poster #1
Note Tree Poster #2
Note Tree Poster #3
Note Tree Poster #4
Note Value Poster
Ways to Finish Classroom Quilt Projects
How to Tie a Classroom Quilt
How to Tie Quilt Blocks Together