Music Quilt Squares
A Patchwork of Music Activities and Games for Classroom and Studio Fun!
By Beth Wheeler
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ISBN 10: 0739099205
ISBN 13: 9780739099209
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Category: General Music and Classroom Publications
Format: Book & Data CD
Music Quilt Squares is a delightful publication that compiles a range of music activities, including games on theory, identifying notes and fingerings on the piano and recorder, instrument families, and more! Clever, educational, 100% reproducible, and fantastic fun for everyone, this book is a must for your music classroom.
Recommended for students in grades kindergarten and up, Music Quilt Squares may be used as a supplement to a topic or unit, an extra credit exercise, or a homework assignment. A data CD is included that contains PDF files of each page. Music Quilt Squares is perfect for substitute teachers, the private studio, or even as a daily classroom activity!
Quilts about Musical Elements and Styles
A Patchwork of Dynamics
A Patchwork of Styles
A Patchwork of History
A Note for the Teacher
Instructional Strategies
Quilts About Rhythm
Quilts & Keys
Quilts About Recorder Fingerings
Recorders on Point
Quilts About Instruments
Running Rhythms
Keyboard Corners
Note Value Poster
National Standards for Music Education Poster
Music Review
Classifying Instruments
Needling Math
Quilts About Pitch
Intervals & Patterns
Stitch 'n' Pitch
Teacher Template
A Block of Instruments
Note Tree Poster #1
Note Tree Poster #2
Note Tree Poster #3
Note Tree Poster #4
Ways to Finish Classroom Quilt Projects
How to Tie a Classroom Quilt
How to Tie Quilt Blocks Together