Mount Rushmore
By Tom Gerou
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ISBN 10: 0739094289
ISBN 13: 9780739094280
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Series: Recital Suite Series
Category: Piano Suite
Format: Sheet
Instrument: Piano
Level: Late Intermediate
Mount Rushmore is a tribute to the sculpture carved into the granite face of Mount Rushmore, near Keystone, South Dakota. Each movement of this suite represents one of the four great presidents carved into the mountain. "Washington Fanfare" is a majestic fanfare to George Washington and uses bi-tonal chords that contrast with a lyrical melody. Abraham Lincoln is represented by "Of the People," a reverent piece showing the slow and steady reserve that was a hallmark of Lincoln's leadership. Using broken chords that move up and down the keyboard, the rough and tough personality of Theodore Roosevelt is featured in the rugged "The Rough Rider." In the "The Architect," Thomas Jefferson's brilliance shines through in a light and flowing melody that features meter changes and lyrical moments.
Washington Fanfare
Of the People
The Rough Riders
The Architect