Mexico: South of the Border
By Mike Springer
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ISBN 10: 1470611120
ISBN 13: 9781470611125
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Series: Recital Suite Series
Category: Piano Suite
Format: Sheet
Instrument: Piano
Level: Late Intermediate
Celebrate our neighbors to the south with this musical tribute to Mexico! Cinco de Mayo recreates this famous Mexican holiday with energetic syncopation and staccatos throughout this jubilant piece. Rio Grande flows gently like the river yet also contains the spice and vitality of this culture with the use of triplets and syncopation. Mariachi Serenade employs a beautiful, sweet melody but also has the energy, excitement, and rhythm of mariachi music. Sierra Madre refers to the majesty of these mountain ranges and depicts the grandeur of these mountains with rich chords and a sweeping melodic line.
Cinco de Mayo
Rio Grande
Mariachi Serenade
Sierra Madre