Masterwork Classics, Level 3
Ed. Jane Magrath / perf. Valery Lloyd-Watts
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ISBN 10: 0739009656
ISBN 13: 9780739009659
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Series: Masterwork Classics
Category: Piano Collection
Format: Book & CD
Instrument: Piano
Level: Early Intermediate / Intermediate
A progressive repertoire series designed to motivate students while allowing them to progress evenly and smoothly from the earliest classics toward intermediate literature. These pieces are from the standard classical literature, chosen to appeal both to teacher and student. Each volume comes with a corresponding CD.

Valery Lloyd-Watts studied at the Conservatory of Music in Toronto and the Royal College of Music in London. She earned a Master of Music degree from the University of Wisconsin, where she studied with Paul Badura-Skoda. She co-authored the text Studying Suzuki Piano: More than Music, which was endorsed by Dr. Suzuki.
A Fable [Op. 39, No. 14] Dmitri Kabalevsky (composer)
A Lingering Story [Op. 98, No. 14] Alexander Gretchaninov (composer)
A Little Joke [Op. 39, No. 6] Dmitri Kabalevsky (composer)
A Sad Story [Op. 39, No. 16] Dmitri Kabalevsky (composer)
A Tale [Op. 98, No. 1] Alexander Gretchaninov (composer)
A Tiresome Tale [Op. 68, No. 8] Alexander Gretchaninov (composer)
Air [BWV Anh. 131]
Arietta in C Major Muzio Clementi (composer)
Bagatelle [Op. 68, No. 5] Robert Schumann (composer)
Bourlesq Leopold Mozart (composer)
Écossaise [WoO 23] Ludwig Van Beethoven (composer)
Funny Event [Op. 39, No. 7] Dmitri Kabalevsky (composer)
Jumping [Op. 39, No. 15] Dmitri Kabalevsky (composer)
March [Op. 140, No. 1] Cornelius Gurlitt (composer)
March [Op. 39, No. 10] Dmitri Kabalevsky (composer)
March [Op. 98, No. 3] Alexander Gretchaninov (composer)
Meneut en Rondeau Jean-Philippe Rameau (composer)
Menuet in G Major [BWV Anh. 114]
Morning Song [Op. 140, No. 2] Cornelius Gurlitt (composer)
Passepied in C Major George Frederic Handel (composer)
Petit Menuet contributor: J.n. Geoffroy
Petit Rondo contributor: J.n. Geoffroy
Scherzo [Op. 140, No. 17] Cornelius Gurlitt (composer)
Scherzo [Op. 39, No. 12] Dmitri Kabalevsky (composer)
Soldier's March [Op. 68, No. 2] Robert Schumann (composer)
Sonatina in C Major William Duncombe (contributor)
Sonatina in C Major Félix Le Couppey (composer)
Sonatina in C Major Theodore Latour (contributor)
Sonatina in G Major contributor: Attwood
Sonatina in G Major Theodore Latour (contributor)
The Ballet Daniel Gottlob Türk (composer)
The Bear Vladimir Rebikov (composer)
The Hunting Horns and Echo Daniel Gottlob Türk (composer)
The Little Beggar [Op. 123, No. 2] Alexander Gretchaninov (composer)
The Music Box [Op. 140, No. 8] Cornelius Gurlitt (composer)
The Wild Rider [Op. 68, No. 8] Robert Schumann (composer)
Waltz Anton Diabelli (composer)