MIDI Sequencing in Reason: Skill Pack
By Steve Nalepa
Item: 54-1598631829
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ISBN 10: 1598631829
ISBN 13: 9781598631821
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Series: Skill Pack
Category: Pro Audio Textbook
Format: Book & CD-ROM
Reason is a complete virtual studio, a powerful application with endless creative possibilities -- assuming you know how to use it. Indeed, the key to producing and composing in Reason is learning how to master the tools available to you in its MIDI sequencer. MIDI Sequencing in Reason: Skill Pack is your guide to unlocking the power and creative freedom available in this dynamic program. The included CD-ROM is full of sample content and examples that you will use to build a song and, in the process, learn all the MIDI-sequencing intricacies of this dynamic and flexible software. Unlike other books with companion discs, the source files on every Skill Pack CD-ROM are an essential part of the book's tutorials - they are not there as mere examples, but are the building blocks from which you'll construct the projects. The result is a fully integrated learning experience.