Lou Stein Plays "Sweet Georgia Brown"
Arr. Lou Stein
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ISBN 10: 1929009615
ISBN 13: 9781929009619
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Category: Piano Solo
Format: Sheet
Instrument: Piano
Level: Advanced
Lou Stein, the great jazz pianist from the Swing Era and beyond, created many wonderful arrangements, lessons, articles and musical features for books and magazines over the years. Perhaps the most famous of all, loved by jazz enthusiasts, students, and anyone who strives to play jazz piano, was Lou's romping, hard-swinging, eight chorus rendition of the jazz classic Sweet Georgia Brown. This arrangement has all the soup-to-nuts elements of a complete jazz solo. It doesn't need a bassist and drummer to make it swing. (Neither, ever, did Lou!) It has walking bass lines, two-fisted chording, a classic Fats Waller stride chorus, flowing right hand jazz lines. In short, it's a full piano workout. In addition, half the book is devoted to lessons, analysis, and jazz exercises from Lou to help you master each and every section within the solo.