Keyboard Theory, Books 5 & 6
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ISBN 10: 0874871190
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Series: Frances Clark Library for Piano Students
Category: Piano - Frances Clark Library
Format: Book
Instrument: Piano
This series offers an imaginative approach to theory designed to help students learn the fundamentals of music and traditional harmonic practice quickly, easily, musically. A carefully planned program of keyboard activities develops the ability to: Acquire facility in all major and minor keys through perceiving their black-and-white-key layout * Accompany melodies in various styles * Learn good voice-leading techniques while reconstructing music of the masters * Make discriminating choices of harmonies in a widening spectrum from tonic and dominant to 7th chords on any scale degree * Modulate as a natural shifting of key center rather than according to artificial formulas * Improve reading skill through experience with all major and minor keys, meters, and rhythm patterns, and by playing from figured bass * Improvise on given ideas as well as create short compositions.