Jimmy Haslip: Modern Improvisation for Bass
By Jimmy Haslip
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ISBN 10: 0739063588
ISBN 13: 9780739063583
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Series: Alfred's Artist Series
Category: Bass Guitar Method or Supplement
Format: Book
Instrument: Bass Guitar
This inspirational resource for jazz and fusion musicians expands the possibilities of creative expression. Using the Yellowjackets tune "Run for Your Life," Jimmy walks through a study of Rhythm Changes and then branches out into the types of alterations and possibilities that have kept his playing fresh for over 47 years. Even the most seasoned jazz musician will find new ways of creating distinctive melodies, patterns, bass lines, and harmonies, allowing for the truest personal expression as you learn to speak through your instrument with ease. Recorded examples are available as free MP3 downloads from alfred.com/downloads.
"Run for Your Life": A Study of Rhythm Changes
Harmonic and Melodic Analysis
Developing the Walking Bass Line
The Modes
Altered Harmony Using the Chromatic Scale
Bebop Scales
Rhythmic Choices
Walking Through the Bridge
Altered Variations of Rhythm Changes
Melodic Use of the Diminished Scale: "Boomtown"
Walking Bass Lines for Altered Forms
Scales for Dominant 7th Chords
Diminished and Chromatic Scale Study
Expanding Melodic Soloing Possibilities with the Dorian Mode
Modal Ideas for the Bridge of Rhythm Changes
Practice with Chordal Arpeggios
About the Recordings / Acknowledgments
"Galileo": Ideas on the Major Scale Inspired by Jaco Pastorius
"Gabriela Rose"
Melodic and Harmonic Analysis of "Gabriela Rose"
The Wheel of Improvisation
New Harmonic Ideas for Altered Progressions
Altering the Harmony for Composition
Pentatonic Scales (5-Note Scales)
The 12-Bar Blues
Rhythm Changes
The II-V-I