Jane Austen's World
Evocative music from the classic feature films Pride & Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility, Emma, and Persuasion
Arr. Richard Harris
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Category: Piano Collection
Format: Book
Instrument: Piano
Level: Intermediate
Jane Austen's World is a delightful collection of tunes for piano from the recent feature films. Presented here are the main musical themes which include the Oscar winning Emma by Rachel Portman, and other pieces that will transport you into the elegant world of 18th-century ballrooms. It is a collection that provides a veritable feast of new repertoire for all pianists.

Pride & Prejudice
Theme * Canon Collins * The Gardiners * Summary.

Sense & Sensibility
My Father's Favourite * Devonshire * All the Better for Her * Excellent Notion * The Dreame.

Frank Churchill Arrives * End Titles.

Theme * Tristesse * Italian Aria.
Theme (from "Pride & Prejudice")
Canon Collins (from "Pride & Prejudice")
The Gardiners (from "Pride & Prejudice")
Summary (from "Pride & Prejudice")
My Father's Favourite (from "Sense & Sensibility")
Devonshire (from "Sense & Sensibility")
All the Better for Her (from "Sense & Sensibility")
Excellent Notion (from "Sense & Sensibility")
The Dreame (from "Sense & Sensibility")
Frank Churchill Arrives (from "Emma")
End Titles (from "Emma")
Theme (from "Persuasion")
Tristesse (from "Persuasion")
Italian Aria (from "Persuasion")