I Sing, You Sing: Learning Songs
30 Echo Songs for Young Singers
By Sally K. Albrecht and Jay Althouse / recording orch. Tim Hayden
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ISBN 10: 1470616947
ISBN 13: 9781470616946
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Series: I Sing, You Sing
Category: General Music and Classroom Publications
Format: Book & Enhanced CD
Instrument: Voice
Level: K-4
Version: CD Kit
An exciting addition to Alfred Music's I Sing, You Sing echo song series. These 30 call and response songs encompass a wide variety of subjects, including: important everyday lessons (like crossing the street and answering the telephone), music class fundamentals (like the instruments of the orchestra and major vs. minor), and cross-curricular reinforcements (like identifying the continents and multiplying by two). Singers may echo the leader provided on the SoundTrax CD or take turns being leaders themselves---two versions of each song are included on the recording. Recommended for grades K--4. Chord symbols and suggested classroom activities are provided.
25. To Your Health!
1. Antonyms
2. At the Table
3. Be Kind to One Another
30. You've Gotta Look Both Ways
Topical Index
26. Two Vowels
27. When in School, Be Cool
28. Win or Lose
4. Change
5. Continents
6. Contractions
7. Days of the Week
8. Etiquette
29. With Music
9. "I" Before "E"
15. Multiply by Two
16. Oceans
17. The Planets
18. Polygon
20. Riding on My Bike
21. Take a Little Walk
22. Taking a Message
23. Ten
24. Than I
14. The Months
10. I Like to Rhyme
11. Major vs. Minor
12. Measuring Up!
13. Meet the Symphony
19. Raise Your Hand