Halloween Favorites, Book 2
11 Original Piano Solos by Alfred and Myklas Composers
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ISBN 10: 0739091034
ISBN 13: 9780739091036
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Category: Piano Collection
Format: Book
Instrument: Piano
Level: Elementary / Late Elementary
Throughout the years, Alfred Music and Myklas Music Press have published solos for the Halloween season that have become favorites of both students and teachers. The pieces included in this series represent the most popular and effective solos drawn from the catalogues of both companies. Divided into four graded collections, outstanding works are included by Sharon Aaronson, Dennis Alexander, Christine H. Barden, Melody Bober, Anne Shannon Demarest, W. T. Skye Garcia, Mary Hauber, Bernadine Johnson, David Karp, Martha Mier, June Montgomery, Joyce Schatz Pease, Ruth Perdew, John Robert Poe, Catherine Rollin, Mary K. Sallee, George Peter Tingley, Robert D. Vandall, and Kim Williams. Book 2 includes pieces appropriate for elementary to late elementary students. Reading range includes notes above and below the grand staff, and mobility around the keyboard is required. Other challenges include using the damper pedal in simple ways, playing in compound meter, and reading dotted quarter notes as well as easy eighth-note passages. Titles: Jumpin' Pumpkins * The Three-Legged Witch! * Witches' Waltz * Little Black Cat * Pumpkin, Pumpkin * Cool Ghoul * The Pumpkin Boogie * The Wobbly Old Witch and Her Cat * Jazzy Jack-o'-Lanterns * Jack-o'-Lantern Boo! * The Hungry Ghost.
Cool Ghoul Catherine Rollin (composer)
The Hungry Ghost Anne Shannon Demarest (composer)
Jack-o'-Lantern Boo! Ruth Perdew (composer)
Jazzy Jack-o'-Lanterns John Robert Poe (composer)
Jumpin' Pumpkins Sharon Aaronson (composer)
Little Black Cat Martha Mier (composer)
The Pumpkin Boogie Dennis Alexander (composer)
Pumpkin, Pumpkin Christine H. Barden (composer)
The Three-Legged Witch! Dennis Alexander (composer)
Witches' Waltz Robert D. Vandall (composer)
The Wobbly Old Witch and Her Cat Anne Shannon Demarest (composer)