Guitar World: Talkin' Blues, Part 2
150+ Minutes of Instruction!
By Keith Wyatt
Item: 56-42849
UPC: 038081485638
ISBN 10: 1470616513
ISBN 13: 9781470616519
PRICE: $14.99
Series: Guitar World
Category: Guitar DVD
Format: DVD
Instrument: Guitar
Level: Intermediate
With over 150 minutes of instruction, Talkin' Blues, Part 2 provides you with 10 new, in-depth video lessons on essential blues musical elements and guitar-playing techniques. Keith Wyatt's Talkin' Blues, Part 2 DVD will teach you:

*"Street Jazz" chord extensions and alterations
*Soloing over chord substitutions
*How to play like Blink Blake and Charlie Christian
*How to match the solo to the song
*"Dead thumb (or pick)" technique
*Conversational phrasing
*Sixth and ninth chords
*The New Orleans sound
And much, much more! Dive deeper into the blues today!