Guitar World: Prog-Gnosis
60+ Minutes Worth of Instruction!
By Tosin Abasi
Item: 56-42317
UPC: 038081470283
ISBN 10: 1470610124
ISBN 13: 9781470610128
PRICE: $14.99
Series: Guitar World
Category: Guitar DVD
Format: DVD
Instrument: Guitar
Level: Intermediate
Regarded as one of the newest and brightest guitar stars, Tosin Abasi is the guitarist and composer for the instrumental progressive metal band Animals as Leaders. He has recorded and released two albums with the group: their self-titled debut and Weightless. As the undisputed master of the seven- and eight-string guitar, Tosin reveals his playing and practicing secrets in this new Guitar World DVD, Prog-Gnosis. This DVD includes over an hour of instruction in seven-string arpeggios, economy picking, odd-meter phrasing, hybrid picking and much more. It also includes warm-ups for both hands.