Guitar World: Mastering Scales 2
The Ultimate DVD Guide! A Deluxe Crash Course in Guitar Theory!
By Jimmy Brown
Item: 56-42321
UPC: 038081470320
ISBN 10: 1470610167
ISBN 13: 9781470610166
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Series: Guitar World
Category: Guitar DVD
Format: DVD
Instrument: Guitar
Level: Intermediate
Mastering Scales Part 2 brings over two and a half hours of valuable instruction from Guitar World senior music editor Jimmy Brown. The newest installment of Mastering Scales offers a deluxe crash course in guitar theory, including everything you need to know about major, harmonic and melodic minor, symmetrical scales, the seven modes, power picking, extended patterns with position shifts, and much more! Mastering Scales Part 2 also includes a bonus section featuring a complete Bach two-part invention, arranged for two guitars!