Grand One-Hand Solos for Piano, Book 5
8 Intermediate Pieces for Right or Left Hand Alone
By Melody Bober
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ISBN 10: 0739092766
ISBN 13: 9780739092767
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Series: Grand One-Hand Solos for Piano
Category: Piano Collection
Format: Book
Instrument: Piano
Level: Intermediate
Students with an injured arm or hand can continue their piano studies in spite of their injury with this series by Melody Bober. Each volume features pieces written especially for the right or left hand in a variety of styles, keys, meters, and tempos. Book 5 contains eight pieces for intermediate students---four for the right hand and four for the left hand---each one providing the unique opportunity to develop the other hand while still progressing technically and musically.

"This collection is perfect for isolating and curing reading and technical weaknesses associated with a particular hand, as well as developing awareness that one hand is capable of voicing and artistic performance."
---Yiyi Ku, MusicTeachersHelper.com

Titles: Ragtime Romp (RH) * Trumpet Call (RH) * Dance at Twilight (RH) * Chaconne in E Minor (RH) * Malagueña Mood (LH) * Whispers in the Wind (LH) * Bassline Bravo! (LH) * Skater's Dream (LH). "Dance at Twilight" (RH) and "Malagueña Mood" (LH) are Federation Festivals 2016-2020 selections.
Ragtime Romp (for the right hand)
Trumpet Call (for the right hand)
Dance at Twilight (for the right hand)
Chaconne in E Minor (for the right hand)
Malagueña Mood (for the left hand)
Whispers in the Wind (for the left hand)
Bassline Bravo! (for the left hand)
Skater's Dream (for the left hand)