Grab a Partner!
Twelve Terrific Partner Songs for Young Singers
By Sally K. Albrecht and Jay Althouse
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Format: Book
Version: Teacher's Handbook
There's nothing more fun than singing a partner song, and there's no better way to develop independent 2-part singing with your young performers. Grab a Partner! by well-known composers Sally K. Albrecht and Jay Althouse, features 12 terrific partner songs, each utilizing a well-known melody. The Teacher's Handbook includes reproducible song sheets and appropriate easy-to-teach staging suggestions. So grab a partner and let's go! Recommended for grades 2--7. Staging Suggestions included. Reproducible Student Song Sheets included. Titles: A Broadway Song (with Give My Regards to Broadway) * Which Ball Game? (with Take Me Out to the Ball Game) * Sing of the Spring (with Now Is the Month of Maying) * How I Love My America (with America, the Beautiful) * 'Round the Mountain (with She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain) * Angels Watchin' (with All Night, All Day) * Get That Fly! (with Shoo, Fly) * Come By Here (with Kum Ba Ya) * Dance Around the Room (with Zum Gali Gali) * Gettin' Ready for Santa Claus (with Up on the Housetop) * Heavenly Peace (with Silent Night) * Goin' to the Races (with Camptown Races).