Girl's Ukulele Method 1
Everything a Girl Needs to Know About Playing Ukulele!
By Tish Ciravolo
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ISBN 10: 1470617633
ISBN 13: 9781470617639
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Series: Girl's Ukulele Method
Category: Ukulele Method or Supplement
Format: Book, CD & DVD
Instrument: Ukulele
Finally---the first ukulele method written especially for girls! Thousands of girls all over the world are raving about this revolutionary method's fresh and energetic approach with a style and design that addresses the interests of young women today. Teaching from a girl's perspective, this solid method covers the essentials of playing the ukulele, including how to hold your ukulele, tuning, right- and left-hand technique, notes on every string, key signatures, rhythms, chords, and much more! Girl's Ukulele Method 1 promises a sure start down a lifelong path of musical enjoyment and all the heightened self-esteem that comes with learning to play an instrument. The DVD features lessons and performances of examples in the book, and over 45 minutes of MP3s! The CD contains live audio performances of the examples and songs from the book.
Incomplete Measures
Key Signatures
Aura Lee
Bumble Bee Flat
Tempo Signs
Quarter Rest
Tuning with the CD Audio Tracks
Tuning the Ukulele to Itself
Pitch Pipes and Electronic Tuners
Getting Acquainted with Music
Three-Tempo Rockin' Uke
The C7 Chord
The F Chord
Good Night Ladies
Introducing B-Flat
The Staff
Measures and Bar Lines
Getting Acquainted with Tablature
The Third String C
Chord Diagrams
Strumming with Your Fingers
Using Your Left Hand
Hand Position
Placing a Finger on a String
Strumming with a Pick
Selecting Your Ukulele
Walkin' on Stardust
Jingle Bells
Beautiful Brown Eyes
Down in the Valley
Ode to Joy
The C Chord
4 Kinds of Notes
A-Tisket, A-Tasket
Eighth Notes
Tip Toe Through the Daisies
Dotted Quarter Notes
It Takes Two
Hot Cross Buns
Daisy Petals
Daisy Rockin' Uke
The Streets of Laredo
The Down-And-Up Stroke
The G Chord
The D7 Chord
Calypso Strum
Introducing F-Sharp
The Sloop John B.
The Parts of Your Ukulele
Holding Your Ukulele
The Right Hand: Strumming the Strings
Time Signatures
Repeat Signs
Over and Over Again
The Second String E
Cockels and Mussels
Love Somebody
The First String A
Playing with A, B, and C
Easy As A, B, C
How to Count Time
How to Tune Your Ukulele
The G7 Chord
Aloha 'Oe
When the Saints Go Marching In