Dynamic Solos for Timpani
By Brian Slawson
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ISBN 10: 073908755X
ISBN 13: 9780739087558
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Category: Percussion - Timpani Collection
Format: Book
Instrument: Timpani
Dynamic Solos for Timpani offers an appealing array of performance pieces designed to foster a musical approach to timpani playing. Students are exposed to the use of dynamics in a gradual, coherent fashion, making it easy to understand their use as one of the essential vehicles for expression in music. Ideal for solo and ensemble, as well as concert use, these catchy, highly entertaining works are written in a style that is sure to captivate students and appeal to audiences everywhere.
Explanation of Terms
Single Drum Strut
Space Is the Place
Pauken Platz
Beat Four Hits the Floor
Roll Patrol
Starting Pitcher
Different Strokes
Tamale Timbales
Pop Gun
Gut Buster
Piper's Tale
Copper Rocks
Waltz of the Donuts
Quiere Bailar?
Dot's Polka
March of the Giants
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