Drumset 101
A Contemporary Approach to Playing the Drums
By Dave Black and Steve Houghton
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ISBN 10: 0739056050
ISBN 13: 9780739056059
PRICE: $19.95
Series: 101 Series
Category: Percussion - Drumset Method or Collection
Format: Book & DVD
Instrument: Drumset
Drumset 101 starts with the very basics and gets you playing right away. Every lesson in the book is explained and performed by the instructor on the DVD. It's just like taking a class in the privacy of your own home. If you’re new to drums and want a grasp of the fundamentals so you can start playing your favorite songs, pick this up today!
Choosing a Drumset to Use with This Book
The Basic Drumset Setup
The Throne
The Snare Drum
The Tom-Tom
The Floor Tom-Tom
The Ride Cymbal
Tuning Your Drums
Cross-Tension System of Tensioning
The Drumset
Basic Four-Piece Setup
Drumset Notation
Basic Music Notation Review
Getting Ready to Play
Reading Music Notation
Time Signatures
Repeat Sign
Basic Playing Techniques
The Matched Grip
Striking the Drum
Striking the Ride Cymbal
The Bass Drum
The Hi-Hat
Practice Warm-up
Jump Back
Practice Warm-up
Howlin' Dog
Introducing Drum Fills
Drum Fill Practice Loop
Review: Measure Repeat Sign
Trash Truck
Spy Rock
Review: Dotted Notes
Practice Warm-up
Mozart Rocks!
Introducing Two-Bar Fills
Two-Bar Fill Practice Loop
Rockin' 1812 Overture
Introducing the Double Paradiddle and the Paradiddle-Diddle
New Rudiment Practice Loop
Introducing the Fermata & Ties
Introducing First and Second Endings
Dad's Classic Car
Review: The Sixteenth Note
Funky Beat
Practice Warm-up
Daisy Bell
Hip-Hop #1
Sixteenth-Note Fill Practice Loop
Boogie Blues
Practice Warm-up
Let's Dance
Introducing Two-Bar Fills
Using Sixteenth Notes
Two-Bar Fill Practice Loop
Flyin' High
Introducing Syncopation
Half-Time Rock
Hip-Hop #2
A Brief History of the Bossa Nova
Introducing the Cross-Stick
The Bossa Nova Rhythm
Practice Warm-up
Cheater Bossa
Basic Bossa
Latin Independence Exercises
Medium Bossa Nova
Brazilian Holiday
Introducing 12/8 Time
Practice Warm-up
Sweetheart Blues
America, the Beautiful
Introducing the Set-Up
Swingin' Hard
Introducing the Shuffle
Shuffling Along
Introducing Jazz
Introducing Triplets
The Basic Jazz Ride Rhythm
Snare Drum Independence Exercises
Bass Drum Independence Exercises
Jazz Independence Warm-Up
A Swing and a Miss
Snare Drum & Bass Drum
Independence Exercises
Introducing Jazz Fills
One-Bar Jazz Fill Practice Loop
Introducing Trading 2's and 4's
Tradin' the Blues
Catch Me If You Can