World's Greatest Ragtime Solos
34 Ragtime Piano Originals by 14 Composers
Ed. Maurice Hinson
Series: World's Greatest
Category: Piano Collection
Instrument: Piano
Level: Advanced
This comprehensive collection contains many works by Scott Joplin, as well as works by other composers, including Irving Berlin, Mark Janza, "Eubie" Blake, and Joseph Lamb, to name but a few. The rags are presented in their original form, and the editor has indicated fingering, pedaling and metronome marks to aid in interpretation. Titles: Alexander's Ragtime Band * A Breeze from Alabama * The Easy Winners * Elite Syncopation * The Entertainer * The Lion Tamer Rag * Maple Leaf Rag * Red Pepper Rag * Solace * St. Louis Blues * Sunflower Slow Drag * and more. 144 pages.
A Breeze from Alabama---March and Two Step (1902) Scott Joplin (1868--1917)
The Cascades---A Rag (1904) Scott Joplin (1868--1917)
The Chrysanthemum---An African-American Intermezzo (1904) Scott Joplin (1868--1917)
Cleopha---March and Two Step (1902) Scott Joplin (1868--1917)
The St. Louis Rag (1903) Thomas M. J. Turpin (1873--1922)
Hoosier Rag---March Two Step (1907) Julia Lee Niebergall (1886--1968)
Grace and Beauty---A Classy Rag (1909) James Sylvester Scott (1885--1938)
Harlem Rag (1897) Thomas M. J. Turpin (1873--1922)
Ragtime Nightingale (1915) Joseph Francis Lamb (1887--1960)
Sensation---A Rag (1908) Joseph Francis Lamb (1887--1960)
Red Pepper Rag (1910) Thomas Henry Lodge (1884--1933)
Elite Syncopations (1902) Scott Joplin (1868--1917)
The Entertainer---A Ragtime Two Step (1902) Scott Joplin (1868--1917)
Heliotrope Bouquet---A Slow Drag Two Step (1907) Scott Joplin (1868--1917) [and Louis Chauvin (1881--1908)]
Maple Leaf Rag (1899) Scott Joplin (1868--1917)
Original Rags (1899) Scott Joplin (1868--1917)
Peacherine Rag (1901) Scott Joplin (1868--1917)
The Ragtime Dance---A Stop-Time Two Step (1906) Scott Joplin (1868--1917)
Solace---A Mexican Serenade (1909) Scott Joplin (1868--1917)
The Easy Winners---A Ragtime Two Step (1901) Scott Joplin (1868--1917)
Dusty Rag (1908) May Frances Aufderheide (1888--1972)
Peaches and Cream---A Delectable Rag (1905) Percy Wenrich (1887--1952)
St. Louis Blues (1914) William Christopher (W. C.) Handy (1873--1958)
The Lion Tamer Rag---A Syncopated Fantasia (1913) Mark Janza (Dates Unknown)
Dill Pickles Rag---A Ragtime Two Step (1906) Charles Leslie Johnson (1876--1950)
Bethena---A Concert Waltz (1905) Scott Joplin (1868--1917)
The Memphis Blues (1912) William Christopher (W. C.) Handy (1873--1958)
Alexander's Ragtime Band (1911) Irving Berlin (1888--1989)
The Chevy Chase (1914) James Hubert (Eubie) Blake (1883--1983)
Twelfth Street Rag (1914) Euday Louis Bowman (1887--1949)
Weeping Willow---A Ragtime Two Step (1903) Scott Joplin (1868--1917)
The Strenuous Life---A Ragtime Two Step (1902) Scott Joplin (1868--1917)
Sunflower Slow Drag---A Ragtime Two Step (1901) Scott Joplin (1868--1917) [and Scott Hayden (1882--1915)]
Swipesy---Cakewalk (1900) Scott Joplin (1868--1917) [and Arthur Marshall (1881--1968)]