Sonata, Opus 94 (for Flute and Piano)
By Sergei Prokofiev
Category: Woodwind - Flute Solo
Instrument: Flute
Level: (IV-V)
In 1943 Prokofiev composed his Sonata in D for Flute and Piano, Op. 94. This work received its first public performance in Moscow on December 7, 1943 with N. Kharkovsky, flute, and S. Richter, piano. In 1944 Prokofiev transcribed the flute part for violin. This version was first performed by David Oistrakh, violin, and L. Oborin, piano, on June 17, 1944. Later the work was published as the sonata No. 2 for violin and piano, op. 94 BIS. The violin and piano version so successfully played by David Oistrakh and Joseph Szigeti is better known than the original flute version. The present edition has been thoroughly edited and contains both the flute and violin versions in the piano score so that the variations between the two versions in regard to tempo and technique can be clearly distinguished. (MCA MUSIC)