Especially in Romantic Style, Book 2
8 Lyrical Solos for Intermediate Pianists
By Dennis Alexander
Series: Especially
Category: Piano Collection
Instrument: Piano
Level: Intermediate
This series was written for pianists who love the expressive qualities of the piano and the sounds of the romantic style. Warm, lyrical melodies and rich harmonies will inspire pianists to create a beautiful sound and to play with expression, musicality and finesse. The descriptive titles will spark students' imaginations as well. Titles: Arioso in D Major * Boston Blues * Enchanted Moments * Forest Whispers * Impromptu in G Minor * Jazz Romance * Tone Painting No. 1 * Winter Dreams.
Impromptu in G Minor
Jazz Romance
Tone Painting No.1
Winter Dreams
Forest Whispers
Boston Blues
Enchanted Moments
Arioso in D Major