Children's Pieces, Opus 27, Book 2
By Dmitri Kabalevsky
Category: Piano Collection
Instrument: Piano
Level: Intermediate
Ten piano solos from Kabalevsky's Opus 27. These pieces have become standards in the 20th-century teaching literature. Imaginative titles, striking rhythms, and interesting melodies abound. In order of difficulty, the titles are: Waltz * At Night on the River * Cradle Song (Lullaby) * The Chase * A Tale * Snow Flurries * Etude in F Major * Etude in A Major * A Quaint One * The Horseman. Phrasing, accents, and dynamics are those of Kabalevksy. Editor Gail Lew added editorial fingering, pedaling, and metronome markings. Great for the advancing student.