Easy Baroque Duets for Violin
By Betty Barlow
Category: String Ensemble (Suzuki)
Instrument: Violin
This collection of 26 duets for two violins has been arranged from works of the keyboard masters of the Baroque period. The pieces are of varying difficulty, for players of intermediate to advanced ability. Clearly edited and superbly printed, this album includes small gems from the German, Italian, French, and English masters of this immensely rich period. As a supplement to any string method, this book enables two players of equal facility to play together -- important in the development of pitch and the ear-training necessary for further chamber playing. Contents are: The King's March (Jeremiah Clarke) * Minuet (Georg Philipp Telemann) * Musical Pastime (Valentin Rathgeber) * Gavotte (Arcangelo Corelli) * Les Papillons (Jean Francois Dandrieu) * Aria (Bernardo Pasquini) * Minuet (Jeremiah Clarke) * Bourrée (Georg Philipp Telemann) * Menuet (Johann Krieger) * Aria (Johann Sebastian Bach) * Minuet (Johann Sebastian Bach) * Andante (Bernardo Pasquini) * Minuetto (Alessandro Scarlatti) * Prelude (Johann Gottfried Walther) * Ayre (Henry Purcell) * Toccata (Carlos Seixas) * Aria (Alessandro Scarlatti) * Fanfare (Francois Couperin) * Rigaudon (Francois Couperin) * Menuet in D Minor (George Frederic Handel) * Impertinence (George Frederic Handel) * Air (George Frederic Handel) * Sonatina (George Frederic Handel) * Rigaudon (Jean Philippe Rameau) * Les Fifres (Jean Francois Dandrieu) * Moderato (Georg Philipp Telemann).
The King's March Jeremiah Clarke
Minuet Georg Philipp Telemann
Musical Pastime Valentin Rathgeber
Gavotte Arcangelo Corelli
Les Papillons Jean Francois Dandrieu
Aria Bernardo Pasquini
Minuet Jeremiah Clarke
Bourrée Georg Philipp Telemann
Menuet Johann Krieger
Aria Johann Sebastian Bach
Minuet Johann Sebastian Bach
Andante Bernardo Pasquini
Minuetto Alessandro Scarlatti
Prelude Johann Gottfried Walther
Ayre Henry Purcell
Toccata Carlos Seixas
Aria Alessandro Scarlatti
Fanfare Francois Couperin
Rigaudon Francois Couperin
Menuet in D Minor George Frederic Handel
Impertinence George Frederic Handel
Air George Frederic Handel
Sonatina George Frederic Handel
Rigaudon Jean Philippe Rameau
Les Fifres Jean Francois Dandrieu
Moderato Georg Philipp Telemann