My Life with Suzuki
[Shinichi Suzuki] By Waltraud Suzuki
Category: Textbook - General (Suzuki)
The wife of Shinichi Suzuki (founder of the Suzuki Method), Waltraud Joanne Suzuki (née Prange) tells about their meeting, their marriage, their return to Japan, their hardships during World War II, and the successes and recognition that Dr. Suzuki has achieved since then. This is a touching book that recalls their struggles and their joys.
Growing up During the First World War
The Post-War Years -- Meeting with Suzuki
The Wedding
From Berlin to Nagoya
We Move to Tokyo
The War Years in Japan
After the War
Working in Tokyo
A Visit to Europe
Talent Education
"Nurtured by Love"
Dr. Suzuki Receives Recognition
More Travels
Awards and Honours