DiY (Do it Yourself) Rock Guitar
Learn to Play Anywhere & Anytime
By Nathaniel Gunod, L. C. Harnsberger, and Ron Manus
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ISBN 10: 1470611384
ISBN 13: 9781470611385
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Series: DiY (Do it Yourself)
Category: Guitar Method or Supplement
Format: Book & Streaming Video
Instrument: Guitar
With DiY Rock Guitar, there are no limitations on how, when, or where you learn. This clear and easy-to-follow approach is your blueprint to playing right away. Learn essential rock guitar techniques, riffs, and power chords all on your own! No teacher is necessary since lessons are simple to follow with corresponding video lessons and audio accompaniments. The included media is available to stream or download to give you the ability to watch video lessons, hear examples, and play along anywhere you have a computer or mobile device. No prior musical knowledge is needed. Do it yourself---even if you have never held a guitar! Make your dreams come true with this perfectly priced book and media package.

*Video: 91 minutes
*Audio: 62 minutes
They Can Rock
Repeat Signs
King Louie
As I Arrive
Ferrous Guy
Quarter-Note Slash
Em Strumming Exercise
Five-String A7 Chord
The Basics of Reading Music
Six-String E Chord
Time Signatures
Notes on the Fifth String A
Jamming on 5 and 6
Two-String Rock
Keep It to Yourself
Four Kinds of Notes
Always Been Crazy
Ladder to the Sky
Crazy Kid
Playing Two Notes Together
Blues in 3
Notes on the Third String G
Silent Guitar Calisthenics 3
Notes on the Fourth String D
Fourth-String Riff
1950s Rock Lick
The Parts of the Guitar
Which Guitar Is Best for Me?
How to Hold Your Guitar
Rainforest Romp
Nice Attire
Eighth Notes
Eighth-Note Exercise
Aura Lee
The Major Scale
C Major Scale Exercise
Six-String Em Chord
Strumming the A7 Chord
Strumming Em and A7 Chords
Minor Two-Chord Rock
Introducing High A
Rockin' in Dorian Mode
The Right Hand
The Left Hand
Tuning Your Guitar
Four-String D7 Chord
D7 and A7 Chord Exercise
D7 Chord with Notes
Rockin' in D
Notes on the First String E
Jamming with E, F, and G
Down You Go
Rock Duet
Bop the Blitz
Foggy Lake
Give Me a Hand, Lady
Ode to Joy
Rockabilly Sound
Power Chords
Three-Chord Progression
Easy Rock Riffs on the Fifth and Sixth Strings
The Amplifier
Ellis Island
Introducing the Quarter Rest
Notes on the Second String B
Classic Rock Lick
Five-String Rock
Satisfying Lick
Don't Miss the Train
Notes on the Sixth String E
Sixth-String Riff 1
Sixth-String Riff 2
More Riffs
Introducing the Eighth-Note Slash
Eighth-Note Slash Exercise
Strumming Exercise with E Chord
Five-String A Chord
Still More Riffs
Minor and Major
Rockin' Bass Line
Silent Guitar Calisthenics 1 and 2
Sound Off: How to Count Time
Vacate the Sky
Doo Dah, Poo Bah
Rough Evening