Cave Dance
Snare Drum Solo with Foot Pedal Instrument
By Glenn Kotche
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ISBN 10: 0739095854
ISBN 13: 9780739095850
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Category: Percussion - Snare Drum Solo
Format: Part(s)
Instrument: Snare Drum
Cave Dance is inspired by Flamenco dance performances the author experienced while in Malaga, Spain. The dramatic, flamboyant, and virtuosic performances take place in the Sacromonte district caves which have been converted into Romani entertainment venues. This piece is derived from recordings the author made featuring various combinations of folk dances that are strung together into a performance. Hence, the constantly shifting tempos and feels that occur within the piece. Some of the dances featured female dancers and some male; some were with instrumental accompaniment and others just with hand claps or castanets.
Cave Dance