Brain Has Made the Worst Drum Instructional DVD Ever
Brain: The Tenfold Path
Brian "Brain" Mantia
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Category: Percussion - Drum DVD
Format: DVD
Instrument: Drum
Brain has made the worst, or possibly the best drum instructional DVD ever. His follow-up to the cult favorite, Brain Lessons: Shredding Repis on the Gnar Gnar Rad focuses on the 2 & 4. Brain’s simplified breakdown of his drumming philosophy is demonstrated as he performs with friends, Buckethead and DJ Disc. The feature-packed DVD also includes various skits, educational segments, and a host of special features. Brain’s newest offering is laugh-out-loud funny and inspiring for drummers of all ages and skill levels.

"5-Stars! In essence, a wonderful, crazy film about how Brain relates to his drums..."
-Rhythm Magazine