Beautiful Etudes, Book 4
Ed. Victoria McArthur
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ISBN 13: 9780739024539
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Category: Piano Collection
Format: Book
Instrument: Piano
Level: Intermediate / Late Intermediate
Book 4 is filled with tuneful and challenging etudes that are sure to please while focusing on specific concepts such as melody voicing in chords, tone production, phrase shaping with disjunct melody, chord leaps, arpeggios, trills, melody shared between the hands, chromatic scales, parallel motion scales, shaping melody in a complex texture, octave tremelos and so on. Composers featured are J. C. Bach, Burgmüller, Gurlitt, Reinhold, Gasparini, Rebikov, Czerny, Streabbog, Schumann, Duvernoy, and more.
Bold Spirit Johann Christian Bach (composer)
Grand Entrance Domenico Gasparini (composer)
Happy Farmer [Op. 68, No. 10] Robert Schumann (composer)
High Jinks [Op. 141, No. 14] Cornelius Gurlitt (composer)
Homage to Chopin Cornelius Gurlitt (composer)
Ice Gliding [Op. 24, No. 23] Guiseppe Concone (composer)
Innocence [Op. 100, No. 5] Johann Freidrich Burgmüller (composer)
Miniature Waltz [Op. 10, No. 10] Vladimir Rebikov (composer)
Rule Britannia (from First Instructional Pieces) Carl Czerny (composer)
Russian Dance [Op. 39, No. 24] Hugo Reinhold (contributor)
Scherzo Cornelius Gurlitt (composer)
The Cadets Jean Louis Streabbog (composer)
The Chase [Op. 100, No. 9] Johann Freidrich Burgmüller (composer)
The Curtain Rises [Op. 49, No. 2] Johann Wilhelm Hässler (composer)
The Whirlwind [Op. 64, No. 9] Jean Louis Streabbog (composer)
Triumphal Fanfare [Op. 176, No. 25] Jean Baptiste Duvernoy (composer)